The Challenge
OneMethod had just merged with Bensimon Byrne and we wanted to bring in the experience and expertise of the Bensimon partners to our concept.  The MethLab was going to be a place of experimentation where we could make fun products that also had IP and PR potential for the firm.
My Contribution
• Strategy and Pitch 
• Design
• Presentation
Initial Concepts
Sprout was a software product we wanted to build to help run the MethLab.  It combined aspects of crowdfunding and social networks to provide a way for people all over the company to participate in the lab rather than have it be an isolated skunk-works.  Once installed and working of the lab, we saw many potential uses for clients.
The Method Series were notebooks with unique diagraming options.  We saw these as a fast and affordable project that had practical uses for us but could also serve as a promotional tool. 
The Beck Taxi App was designed for Beck Taxi, but the IP was retained allowing OM to rebrand and launch the app with minimal branding and back-end changes.  But then, you know, Uber.
Red Carpet was a customer loyalty and retention program that could be white-labelled and deployed quickly by small to medium sized businesses.  It was already in the design stage at the time of the presentation.
The MethLab has been a huge success.  It's still going strong and you can learn all about it at
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