To comply with my confidentiality agreement I have omitted and appropriated confidential information. These designs are a reinterpretation of the original or iterations from earlier in the process.
The Challenge
While this was one of the coolest projects I worked on at Idea Couture it was also one of the most secret so I can't share a lot of detail about who it was for or how it's working out.  I can however show you how we tackled the problem and some scrubbed versions of the deliverables we produced.
We were approached by a large CPG firm to work on a new product combining hardware and software design to help pet owners ensure the well being of their animals to have longer, healthier relationships.  The idea was to leverage the in-house expertise of the client (on-staff veterinarians and animal health experts) to create a system of sensors and algorithms that would alert pet owners to any early signs of health problems.
My Contribution
• Product Strategy
• Client Management
• Research
• UX Design & Interface Collaboration
Wires & Flows
The Approach
We began by assimilating all of the pre-existing research provided by the client.  Their work was outstanding and gave us a lot to work with including competitive and gap analyses, some informal jobs-to-be-done work and psychographic customer segmentations.  We then focused on creating a set of hypotheses to define our potential value propositions and determine what we wanted to test with our prototypes and consumer trials.
With our hypotheses set, we began interviewing experts to learn about what could potentially be detected from the sensor compliment we were considering.  These interviews were fruitful and we were eventually able to create algorithms that served as early warning systems for both serious health conditions (e.g. hip dysplasia) and normal variances that were worth knowing about (e.g. moderate weight gain).
The product would be tested against a set of criteria designed to confirm or disprove our hypotheses about the consumer need for the product.
Interface Designs
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