The Challenge
Believe it or not, the biggest challenge at the time was trying to figure out why you'd want to make an app for ordering taxis.  The existing system of calling them and telling them where you were worked really well.  In addition, Beck didn't have GPS on their fleet yet so we couldn't know the taxi's locations, in-app payment wasn't an option due to their legacy back-office system and they were the last company to use radio dispatch so our app had to integrate with that system.
My Contribution
• Strategy and Business Case
• System Design
• UX Lead
• Interface Design
The Approach
We used a fairly early google maps address lookup in concert with GPS data from the user's phone to help guess their location and auto-suggest it as they typed.  We also built in scheduling functions so users could order a taxi in advance, e.g. for an early morning trip to the airport.  
Beck soon had over 15% of all order traffic coming in over the app and over 30,000 downloads. The app was also featured on the Canadian iTunes app store.
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